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Idealcare Urology Catheters

dengan kualitas premium dan juga trauma yang lebih sedikit untuk penggunaan yang mudah dan juga kenyamanan pasien.

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Idealcare Urology Catheters

  • Premium Quality and less trauma Cathehters for Easy Handling and patient comfort
  • Safe and effective urology management
  • Suitable for general & emergency applications
  • Made from medical grade materials
  • Silicone Coated for easy insertion and less trauma

This urology Catheters have 4 various tips configuration for different catheterization needs

(Bisa dilihat digambar)

  • Reinforced catheter shaftr prevent lumen collapse during suctioning (Catheter kuat, dan tidak mudah keriting)
  • Large drainage lumen for fast and effective drainage
  • self sealing inflation hard valve ensures balloon is inflated when in use
  • thick and rigid funnel ensure secure hold with drainage bag's connector
  • strong catheter shaft for effective insertion and removal yet flexible to maximize patient's comfort
  • strong pressure-resistant balloon for effective anchoring at bladder neck


dapatkan harga spesial hanya di pasarprodukbumn.com

Brochure (Brosur_Idealcare_Foley_Cath.pdf, 1,381 Kb) [Download]

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